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New York • since 2010

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With our exclusive HairBotox treatments, hair straightening procedures and matching care products, we offer you the keys to radiant hair and happy customers. VelvaCrown is proud to represent MK exclusively in Europe. Let us enrich your salon offerings together and transform your customers into true hair beauty.

Miami • since 2005

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With Softliss you get the ultimate solution for straightening hair treatments. Give your clients beautiful, sleek hair effortlessly. Discover Softliss products.

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Hairbotox • since 2019

The little miracle

Add the shine of the HairBotox revolution to your salon! Discover our advanced hair care that transforms dull hair into silky splendor. Become part of the change and increase your salon sales with HaarBotox – for radiant customers and a radiant reputation!

velvacrown • premium straightening iron

Get your premium straightening iron home

Wide plates, up to 250°C, titanium coating - for versatile styling. Easy to use, great results. Includes thermal bag.


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Your questions answered by us

Yes, our treatments do not contain harsh chemicals that could cause problems with previously treated hair. However, it is recommended to look at the customer’s hair and analyze the condition of the hair.
Our products are not vegan due to the caviar oil they contain, but we are 100% cruelty-free.
After the first 6 months or third trimester of pregnancy, we recommend continuing with our Hair B.T.X treatment. You should still arrange a preliminary consultation with your doctor.
Yes, our biotin treatment and our hair B.T.X treatment are suitable for children aged 10 and over. However, you should always discuss this with your pediatrician.
Depending on the condition of the hair, the effect with our aftercare usually lasts 3-6 months.
Yes, after the treatment is complete you can use styling products, preferably those without alcohol.
Yes, just be careful around the hair roots and junctions.
You can repeat the treatment as many times as you like! All treatments are safe to reapply, but we would suggest that you allow the treatment time to absorb into your hair before starting the entire process again. At least a week or two.
Olaplex care products are not compatible with the hair B.T.X treatment / biotin treatment.
You can become a partner by contacting us first and discussing the next steps with us. Before partnering, you must book certified coaching with us. The coaching sessions are on site or online. However, we also regularly offer group coaching sessions in the various regions.
Our treatments are particularly good recommendations for extensions because you also care for them.
Our treatments can also be used on colored and bleached hair. Our Platinum Blonde deserves special mention here for bleached hair.

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