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  • Yes, hair breakage can be caused by wearing braids, especially if the braid is tied too tightly or is worn for a long period of time. If hair is tied too tightly, it can create tension and stress on the

  • Cleaning hairbrushes regularly is important to remove impurities and buildup from styling products, dust and dirt, and promote a healthy scalp.

  • Porosity Hair Mask is a hair mask specifically designed for hair with different levels of porosity. Hair porosity describes the hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. Low porosity hair holds moisture well, while high porosity hair absorbs moisture quickly

  • Heat protection for hair is important because high temperatures can damage hair. When hair is exposed to extreme heat, it can lose moisture and become dry and brittle. The heat can also damage the cuticle layer of the hair, causing

  • A conditioner is usually used after washing the hair to condition and nourish the hair.

  • HaarBotox Leave-In Spray is an excellent solution for people looking for a quick and easy way to nourish and revitalize their hair. This spray is specially formulated to strengthen hair and give it a shiny, healthy appearance.

  • Discover our first VelvaCrown premium straightener, which perfectly meets the needs of your hair during treatment and styling. With this straightener you no longer have to make compromises.

  • The treatment for smooth and healthy hair when things need to be done quickly.

  • The benefits of a partnership with VelvaCrown lie not only in getting high-quality products but also in the VelvaCrown service and exclusivity for your salon.