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Bring the hair to life! The most advanced hair repair, anti-aging and smoothing formula in the world. This groundbreaking treatment is designed to transform hair to its most beautiful and healthiest state. Thanks to a powerful concentration of active ingredients including caviar oil, amino acids, natural proteins and argan oil, your hair will experience a true rejuvenation treatment from the first use.

The HaarBotox Step 2 treatment provides your hair with intensive moisture and nutrients, repairs damaged hair fibers and revitalizes it in an impressive way. The result is incredible shine, noticeable softness and the elimination of frizz, leaving your hair perfectly supple and smooth.

What makes this treatment so special is its progressive and restorative nature. With every use, the quality of your hair becomes healthier and more resilient to the stresses of everyday life.

Another key advantage of the MK HAIR B.T.X treatment is its formaldehyde and chemical-free formula. Unlike traditional keratin treatments, this treatment does not produce unpleasant fumes or odors, making it not only pleasant to use but also completely safe.


  • Repairs damaged hair fibers and fills all gaps.
  • Gives the hair more volume and density.
  • Smoothes the hair and gives a natural shine.
  • Eliminates frizz and ensures supple hair.
  • Stimulates new hair growth and brings your hair back to life.


With HaarBotox Step 2 you can restore your hair to its most beautiful condition and benefit from the anti-aging effects. It’s suitable for all hair types and offers professional results you’ll love.