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Hair botox • since 2019

The little miracle

Add the shine of the HairBotox revolution to your salon! Discover our advanced hair care that transforms dull hair into silky splendor. Become part of the change and increase your salon sales with HaarBotox – for radiant customers and a radiant reputation!

Sie sagen

Customer review

My name is Beatrix. I am a master hairdresser and at the same time the owner of the hair.of.beatrix salon in Fürth. When I found out about this new product, I thought to myself, another product that the world might not need. Until I tried it myself for the first time. The immediate effect after the treatment was incredible, so I wanted to try this product on myself. I stand behind VelvaCrown 100% and can no longer imagine working WITHOUT this miracle cure. My customers are in love and so far I have only had 100% positive experiences.
hair.of.Beatrix ● Hair salon

Customer review

I would give the product 10 out of 10 stars and recommend it to all my colleagues. I love the results and glow of my clients after a Hair Botox treatment. I am very enthusiastic and my customers always like to come back. Top!
Salon Exquisit ● Hair salon

Customer review

I am extremely satisfied. It's a really cool product. Many of my customers have already been treated and everyone is extremely satisfied. I am an enthusiastic and passionate VelvaCrown customer myself and can only recommend it. If I wasn't convinced, I would never use it on my clients, everyone who knows me knows that.
El Classico ● Hair salon

Customer review

We are a 110 m2 hair and beauty salon with 10 employees. We've been able to work with hair Botox for a year now - and it's a no-brainer! Absolutely fantastic results that delight every customer and convince our team of professionals! Who doesn't want shiny, soft AND tamed hair? A dream, especially for long hair. The service itself can be easily integrated into everyday hairdressing, as the technology is easy for even trainees to use! Nice support from VELVACROWN too! Conclusion: The “stuff” belongs in every modern hairdressing company! We are also happy to answer any questions: Team KOPFGOLD from Neumünster
Kopfgold ● Hair salon

Customer review

I had my hair straightened with VelvaCrown products about 5 weeks ago and I am simply more than impressed! I had very brittle, frizzy/curly hair. To this day, after blow-drying, they are beyond smooth and shiny! Simply absolute added value for the hair. My hair isn't damaged or dried out in the slightest, quite the opposite. My hair shines even more and still has a lot of volume. I can recommend it to everyone and will definitely continue the treatment!
Lawin ● Customer

Customer review

I had the privilege of testing VelvaCrown's Hair Botox on my hair. I didn't want to lose my curls, I wanted to be able to control them better. Since the treatment, my curls are more defined, shinier, more resilient and retain their shape for 2-3 days. I was very skeptical, but now I'm completely convinced. Thanks!
Taliha ● Hair stylist

Customer review

I was also a bit skeptical at first when a friend told me about VelvaCrown. I mean, how is it supposed to keep your hair straight without straightening irons or chemical straightening? And above all, undamaged and healthy. But since she raved about it so much, I just had to try it. And you were wrong, it was even better! My hair is shiny, smooth and healthy!! Regardless of wind and weather. I am really excited and very happy that I now know the product. #never #ever #without #velvacrown
Laura Erzurumluoğlu ● Customer

Customer review

At first I was very skeptical. My hair has always been frizzy and would change shape at the slightest contact with water or moisture. Since the Hair Botox treatment, I no longer worry about my hair. I save valuable time and nerves every day. Finally beautiful hair without much effort. Bye bye Struwwelpetra!
Fani ● Customer