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Hair breakage due to braids?

Yes, hair breakage can be caused by wearing braids, especially if the braid is tied too tightly or is worn for a long period of time. If hair is tied too tightly, it can create tension and stress on the hair strand, which can cause the hair to break or fall out. This hair break is often referred to as a “braid break” and often occurs in the areas where the braid is tied, such as the hairline or behind the ears. Hair breakage in the middle of the strand can also occur if the hair is tied too often and too tightly. To avoid hair breakage from wearing braids, it is important not to tie the braid too tightly and not to wear the hair in the same position too often. Hair should also not be tied while wet, as wet hair is more delicate and prone to breakage. It is also recommended to condition and moisturize hair regularly to keep it healthy and resilient. Using hair oils or hair treatments can help strengthen and protect hair. The Softliss argan oil and the hair mask prevent this. If hair breakage from wearing braids continues to be a problem, a visit to a hairdresser or dermatologist may help to diagnose the problem and recommend appropriate treatment.