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Become a VelvaCrown partner salon

The benefits of a partnership with VelvaCrown lie not only in getting high-quality products but also in the VelvaCrown service and exclusivity for your salon.

The points, briefly summarized, are:

  1. High product quality
  2. No animal testing on the products
  3. Exclusivity
  4. Personal contact person
  5. Marketing the treatments, products and your salon
  6. Certified coaching
  7. B2B portal and mobile app
  8. Increase in sales

The individual points speak for themselves, but what does it mean in practical terms for your salon?

High product quality

Softliss products have a high standard and are unique in their effect. The HaarBotox and MagicHair treatments do not produce as strong fumes as comparable products and can last up to 6 months, while repairing the hair and for this reason are also interesting not only for your female customers, but also your male customers with hair problems. The care products are a perfect addition to the HaarBotox and MagicHair treatments.

No animal testing

That speaks for itself and these days there is no need for animal testing for cosmetics!!!


We only take 1 salon per 25,000 inhabitants. Selected partners who do not steal customers away with the same product ensure that there is no downward price competition and the quality of the treatments is thus guaranteed.

Personal contact person

Whether by phone, email or via Instagram, WhatsApp & Co. We are available to answer all your questions and suggestions and support you if you have any problems with marketing and/or the products.


We provide you with marketing materials and also help you customize your marketing materials or website regarding VelvaCrown. No matter what questions you have about marketing or what help you need, we are here to help.

Certified coaching

Our coaches will come to your salon or you can take part in a group coaching session to get to know the treatments and care products and use them correctly.

B2B portal and mobile app

For our partners we have a partner area with access data for you. There you can order the products, use our information area and find out all the latest news about VelvaCrown.

Increase in sales

From experience, we see that our end customers are extremely satisfied with the results and always want to use HaarBotox or Botox2go every now and then.

Inquire about your partnership with VelvaCrown today and send us an email to: info@velvacrown.de